Need to print more than 50 items?

Do you have a few T-shirt designs in your mind? Need a large order of custom T-shirts? Need a range of shirt sizes and colours? Upcoming special event?

No problem! We can print a large number of T-shirts for any occasion.

Any order with 50 pieces or more with the same design is a bulk order. For heat transfer printed orders, the shirt styles and colours can be mixed as long as the design is the same.

In order to receive a bulk quote, the following information is needed:

  • Product(s) desired (Broken down by size and colour)

  • Quantity needed

  • Artwork file in either AI or JPEG format or relevant information regarding what design or text should look like or read as on products

  • Placement of design/text, size of design and color selection desired in design

  • Expected due date

  • Email all information to sales@celebrateeshop.com

After all required information is received a quote will be sent out in approximately 24 hours.

To help you keep costs low, we offer competitive discounted prices for multiple t-shirt orders in one go! Please contact us for a quote or for further details.

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